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Digital Data Systems are the proud designers and manufacturers of the CAL2K and CAL3K Bomb Calorimeter Systems. We have a dedicated team responsible for assembling, testing and operating the CAL2K and CAL3K systems. The machines are made up of many parts, which are all produced in Johannesburg, in our factory. Once each part is made, it is tested and quality inspected, then it goes for final assembly. All the parts are assembled in the chassis and with the help of a computer the functionality is tested. The computer tests make life easier as it points out any problems that arise while assembling the machine. For instance, if the fan is not wired properly it will indicate where the problem is so that it can be fixed. The tests that are done are very close to the field operator test to confirm that all the wires are correct and that the functionality is correct.

Once the machine is assembled it goes for quality inspection. This is done by a separate individual. A temperature calibration is then performed, which makes sure that all sensors conform to standard. The temperature calibration data is inspected. The quality inspection confirms that the spring washers are placed under each nut and that everything is working. Then the machine goes for operations testing. It is connected to oxygen and a vessel is repeatedly exercised by filling the firing Benzoic Acid Tablets. Any abnormality is corrected, and the machine is then ready for shipment or goes to the stores.


Before shipment the machine is set up for a customer and a final quality inspection is performed. The sales order is then confirmed with all the parts to assure that the customer gets what is ordered. The machine is then packed for shipment and ready for the customer/agent to install.

CAL2K Isothermal Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems
CAL3K Isothermal Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems

DDS and CAL3K offers the new next generation advanced bomb calorimeter system with innovative technology and new advanced features.

Bomb calorimetry is made easy with the CAL3K-AP, with improved speed and accuracy, allowing laboratories to analyze up to 10 samples per hour, using samples for coal analysis, oil analysis, animal feed research, and more. the CAL3K-AP is used in coal production, power stations, fuel analysis, animal feed research, educational institutes (universities), commercial analytical laboratories, by-product analysis and building materials to determine the heat of combustion or calorific value of solid and liquid materials. The CAL3K-AP oxygen bomb calorimeter is optimized for speed and accuracy, making it the fastest bomb calorimeter in the DDS Scientific Range.

The CAL3K-AP calorimeter system introduces new features, including :

- Waterless System (no water required, making the system easier to use)

- Allows for the use of one of three operating modes : Isothermal, Adiabatic or Isobatic.

- Automatic Oxygen Filling and de-filling of the reaction vessel

- More Advanced Features

The CAL3K-AP is a cost-effective calorimeter system which requires little to no maintenance and features a built-in subject/self help function. The main focus of DDS is the manufacture of oxygen bomb calorimeters and combustion vessels used in laboratories worldwide. The aim is to manufacture quality, cost-competitive analytical equipment suited for various applications. Agents are trained and equipped to give our customers the best technical support for each calorimeter system.

The CAL3K-A is designed for laboratories that require a high throughput (at approx 10 samples per hour). The improved air cooler allows cooling to ambient temperature and automatic oxygen filling removes the need for a separate filling station. The bomb vessel (bayonet, self-locking and sealing) is completely removable. The CAL3K PC software allows the user to read and set parameters, read and set sample and group identifications, se keyboard accessibility (password protection), retrieving results, retrieving events and monitoring the CAL3K operation.

The Eco-friendly design of the CAL3K means that it has a smaller carbon footprint, requires no water, and has lower power consumption.

The new CAL3K system supports the software based laboratory and information management system (LIMS). This software offers a set of key features that supports modern laboratory operations.

Consumable counting features the counting of firing wire and o-rings and alerts the operator when a preset limit is reached. The operator is then alerted to change the relevant calorimeter and vessel consumables.